Belt Loader: WollardTC886

Diesel Cummins/Perkins. 2000Lbs. boom capacity. Max operating height 178”.

 BeltLoader: WaspA1771D

Diesel engine 2cyl. Variable speedbelt control mounted on both ends. Steering, walk behind with storable tiller. Maxoperatingheight108”

Belt Loader: Cochran 606

Engine: Ford 200 CID, Gasoline. Transmission Ford Automatic. 2,000 lbs boom capacity. 34” baggage belt. Max operating height 178”

Belt Loader: Nordco 4009 Universal

Engine: Ford 300 CID, Gas. Transmission: Ford C-6 Auto. 2,000 lbs boom capacity. 34” Baggage belt. Max operating height 163”

Belt Loader: TUG 660

 Engine: Cummins or Perkins diesel. Transmission: Ford, C4, Auto. Belt speed: 12 to 75 fpm. Max operating height: 170”

Belt Loader: TUG 660

Engine: Ford 300 CID, 6 Cyl gas. Transmission: Ford, C4, Auto. Belt speed: 12 to 75 fpm. Max operating height: 170”

Belt Loader: FMC Challenger 515 Electric

2,000 lbs boom capacity, 1,000 lbs above 15° inclination. 34” baggage belt. Max operating height: 183” Min: 26”. Battery: 385 amp/hr Lead acid. Converter: Solid state 72 V DC to 12 V DC 300 W. Drive Motor 72 V DC, 10.6 HP continuous thermal rating 104°C rise. Pump motor: 72 V DC, 2.3 HP. Thermal rating of 104°C rise


 Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): ACE HGEU90

 Capacity: Adjustable up to 7.5 ton / 90,000 BTU/hr. Engine: Deutz F33L1011F, 3 cyl, diesel

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Trilectron DAC200-DPE

Engine: Cummins Diesel. Capacity: 20 Ton. Airflow 1,600 CFM. Air pressure 20 in S.P. Cooling capacity: 240,000 BTU. Delivered air temp. 125 °F (52°C).

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Davco 20T-DEH.

Engine: Cummins diesel, 3.9 L, 4cyl. Capacity: 20 ton. Cooling capacity: 240,000 BTU.  Heating Capacity: 120,000 BTU. Trane compressor operated by engine or electric plug. Airflow nominal16,000 CFM. Air pressure 20 in S.P.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): TLD 302H

Capacity: 30 ton. Diesel – Electric. Onan DGCB Cummins or Marathon Duetz generator set compatible with Diesel or Jet A. Max Air flow to 180 ppm and pressures to 20 in. WG. Nominal air flow 150 ppm @ 8 in. WG. Heating capacity 275,000 BTU/H.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): Air-A-Plane 4490DA

Capacity: 44 ton, 500,000 BTU. Engine: Cummins L634DT 6 cyl diesel. R22 or R134A refrigerant. Compressor Trane 8 cyl, model 3F5B80.

Air Conditioner Unit (ACU): ACE804-920

Capacity: 55 ton. Engine: John Deere 6059T diesel, 6cyl. Aerzen compressor.  ACE blower. 660,000 BTU/hr. Refrigerant R134. Self contained.


AirStart Unit (ASU):LibbyA/M32A-60B

Pneumaticoutput:120lbs.,perminuteairsupply Electricaloutput:75KVA,120/208VAC,400Hz, Engine: Garret, GTCP85-397 Load control valvesetting:125PPM

AirStart Unit (ASU):TUGTMD-400

Airflow:400PPM@42psig Engine: Series Detroit Diesel, 4cylinder@905hp., Compressor: RandCD72S Discharge Air Temperature 430F

Air Start Unit (ASU): ACE 500-230

Air Flow: 0-300 PPM, air supply adjustable 35 to 45 psig. Engine: electric 220/240 V

Air Start Unit (ASU): ACE 600-2170

Air Flow: 170 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: Detroit diesel, V6 turbo charged. Compressor: Atlas Copco. 375 F discharge temperature. Output: 60 F, 170 ppm

Air Start Unit (ASU): Libby A/M32A

Pneumatic Output: 150 PPM. Engine: Garrett, GTCP 85-184. Load control valve setting: 150 PPM. Operating Diesel or Jet fuel. Air hose included.

Air Start Unit (ASU): Libby A/M32A-60A

Pneumatic Output: 150 PPM. Electric output: 75 KVA, 120/208 V AC, 400 Hz. Engine: Garrett, GTCP85-180. Output cable and hose included.

Air Start Unit (ASU): Libby A/M32A-60B

Pneumatic output: 120 PPM. Electric output: 75 KVA, 120 / 208 V AC, 400 Hz,

Engine: Garrett, GTCP85-397. Load valve setting: 125 PPM. Fuel: Diesel, Jet A, JP-8

Air Start Unit (ASU): Libby A/MA-1A

Air Flow: 90 PPM @ 40 psig. Engine: Garrett GTC85-70. Air hose included

Air Start Unit (ASU): Truck Mounted LGSE-300

Pneumatic Output: 300 PPM. Compressor: Drive compressor (centrifugal compressor) Engine: Honeywell Turbine engine. Truck mount DB812

Air Start Unit (ASU): Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-135

Air flow: 135 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: V8, Detroit Diesel 8V-71. Compressor: Atlas Copco ZA4. Discharge temperature 319 F

Air Start Unit (ASU): Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-150

Air Flow: 150 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: V8, Detroit Diesel. Compressor: Atlas Copco. Discharge temperature 319 F

Air Start Unit (ASU): Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-180

Air Flow: 180 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: V8, Detroit Diesel 8V-71. Compressor: Atlas Copco ZA4. Discharge temperature 319 F

Air Start Unit (ASU): Stewart & Stevenson TMAC-250

Air Flow: 250 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: V8, Detroit Diesel 8V-92. Compressor: Atlas Copco ZA4+2. Discharge temperature 350 F

Air Start Unit (ASU): TUG TMD-400

Air Flow: 400 PPM @ 42 psig. Engine: Series Detroit Diesel, 4 cylinder @ 905 hp. Compressor: Rand CD72S.

Air Start Unit (ASU) / Ground Power Unit (GPU) Combo: Allied Signal

Pneumatic Output: 120 PPM. Electrical Output: 75 KVA. Engine: Garret GTCP85-97. Operating jet fuel, JP4. Air hose and coupling included. Output electrical cable included.



28.5VDC.ACHobartAlternator,JTL28D2-OconeeCounty-131015 Output,28.5VDC,550ampcontinuous PeakStartCurrentcapacity2000amps Adjustablesoftstartcurrentlimiter0to2000amps. Engine:Perkins4.236Diesel


28.5VoltDCgroundpowerunit Engine:CumminsB3.9Diesel,4cylinder turbocharged Hobart AC rectified alternator Output: 28.5VoltsDC, 800Ampcountinous, 2000 amps start

GPU: Hobart 90 KVA

90KVA, 72KWAC. generator, 3phase, brushless 115/200Volt, 400Hz, 229amps. Continuous Engine:DetroitDiesel4-71Series

GPU:  Hobart 140 KVA AC 140C17P

115/200 V AC, 400 Hz. 404 amp Continuous. Engine: Cummins, Diesel, 6Cyl. Dual output

GPU: Christie 500 28.5 V DC Rectifier

Input Power: AC current, 3 ph, voltage 230/380/460. Minimum current amp 76 / 58 / 37.

Output: DC 500 amp continuous, 1800 amps peak start current.

GPU: Comstock 52CTTD2 28.5 V DC Rectifier

Engine: Continental 231 CID, 6 cyl. Gas, w/governor. Generator: 500 amps continuous, adjustable to demand, 0 to 1,200 @ 2850 RPM.

GPU: Foxtronics Foxcart 1600 28.5 V DC Rectifier

Input: 208/480/600 V AC, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Output: 28.5 V DC, 800 amp cont. 1,600 amps peak. Soft start kit. Reverse current diode protection.

GPU: Tesla TI3000 GPU-24 28.5 V DC Rectifier

Input power: AC Current from single phase 95-260, V AC50/60 Hz. Minimum current amps -20 amps @ 120 V AC 60 Hz. -10 amps @ 240 V AC 60 Hz.

Output: DC 500 amp continuous, 3000 peak starting amps. 46 amp hr battery.

GPU: Arvico 28-2000 DC 28.5 V DC Rectifier

Output: 28.5 V DC, 800 amp continuous. Peak start current capacity 2000 amps. Adjustable soft start current limiter 0 to 2000 amps. Engine: Cummins Turbo Diesel


Frequency Converter: Controlled Systems -60 KVA

Input: 240/380/480 V AC. 3 Phase. 50/60 Hz. Output:50 KW, 115 V AC. 3 Phase, 400 Hz.

Frequency Converter: FMC Jet Power II 90 KVA

Input: AC 440/480 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 100 amps. Output: 90 KVA, 115 Volt, 3 phase, 260 amps, 400 Hz. Solid state converter.

Frequency Converter: Inet 180 KVA

Input: AC 600/480 Volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 100 amps. Output: 180 KVA, 115 volts, 3 phase, 520 amps, 400 Hz. Two output, 324 amps max.


Container Dollies: LD3

Capacity: 3,500 lbs. Fixed deck with castors. Operation: LD3

Container Dollies: LD7

Capacity: 15,000 lbs. Size of pallet 96” X 125” and 88” X 125” pallet


Aircraft Heater: Air-A-Plane 50-50D

Up to 500,000 BTU / hr @ 250 lbs./min. Engine: Cummins Diesel, 4 cyl. Hose included

Aircraft Heater: Air-A-Plane 50-50GX

492,000 BTU / hr @ 250 lbs / min. Engine: Ford 300 CID. Hose included

Aircraft Heater: Air-A-Plane 80-80D

800,000 BTU / hr @ 325 lbs / min. Engine: GM Diesel, 6.2L, 8 Cyl. 120 HP. Delivery hose included.

Aircraft Heater: Trielectron DAC300

Air output: 30 Ton, 205 ppm. Rated heating, 232,000 btu. Rated cooling 327,000 btu.. R-22 refrigerant. Engine: Perkins 75 kw. Delivery hose included.

Aircraft Heater: General Electric HT90

Air Output: 15 ton. 150,000 BTU. Input: 220/440 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 150/68 amps. Electric heater elements. Electric control and fan.

Aircraft Heater: Electric Heater. Keco GH100

Output: 100,000 BTU. Input: 220/440 V, 3 phase, 60 Hz. Temperature control, auto regulation, adjustable thermostat

Aircraft Heater: Polartherm NGH1

Output: 400,000 BTU / 115 KW. Air volume: 2900 m3/hr (17000 CFM). Fan pressure: 1000 Pa

Aircraft Heater:Air-A-Plane5050D

492,000BTU/hr.@250lbs./min Stainless steel heat exchanger

Engine: Cummins diesel ModelL 423D, 4cylinder Enclosed control panel, nightlight

Aircraft Heater:Cold Buster MarkIV

600,000BTU Flow: 6,000 CFM@2,800 RPM Temperature rise over ambient: 135degF(58c) Engine: Ford4.9lt.

Aircraft Heater: Devtec / ACE272-384

750,000BTU/hr. Trailer mounted. Engine: Cummins L423D, 6cyl. Heat exchange tested, cleaned & flushed.


Air Conditioning / Heater:Carrier 20T-DEH 20 Ton

Preconditioned air unit Engine: Cummins Diesel, 3.9 L4cyl. Trane Compressor operated by engine or Electric Plug. Cooling capacity 240,000 Btu. Heating capacity1 20,000 Btus.

Air Conditioning/Heater: Davco 20 Ton

20 ton AC / Heater/ GPU unit made by Davco, Model AC20DHR. Year: 2002. This air conditioner is powered by a Cummins Turbo Diesel 3.9 L engine & has a Carrier AC system. GPU output: 28 Volts.


Aircraft Pushback Tractor: JBT B1200

 75,000 lbs., DBP. 110,000 GVW. Engine:Deutz Diesel, BF6M1013 ECP, 6 Cyl., turbocharged

Aircraft Pushback / Tow Tractor: TLD TMX-150-16

 27,600 Lbs DBP; 35,000 GVW. Engine:4 Cyl Turbo D.

AircraftPushback / Tow Tractor:NMC140D

10,000 lbs. Draw Bar Pull. Weight(GVW): 13,000 lbs. approx. Engine:Perkins diesel4.236 Transmission: GM Allison  or Chrysler Automatic

AircraftPushback / Tow Tractor:HT-160

Draw Bar Pull: 16,000 lbs. Engine: Perkins, Diesel, 1104 Transmission: Allison AT545. Steering:Hydrostatic, power assist Brakes: Hydraulic Assist, mechanical parking Hitch: rear, pin type

Aircraft Pushback / Tow Tractor: HughT-300SL

GVW:40,000 to 54,000 lbs. DBP: 30,000 to 40,000 lbs. Engine: Detroit Diesel, series 6V-53 Transmission: allison, automatic. Brakes power assist hydraulic operated. 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, 3 mode

Aircraft Pushback / Tow Tractor:T-300

Draw Bar Pull: 16,000 to 28,000 lbs. Engine: GM, Diesel 6.2 lt V8. Transmission: AllisonAT545, automatic, 4 wheel drive.Steering:2wheel, front wheel drive


BaggageTug:Harlan HT40

4,000DrawBarPull,(capacity for 70,000lbs.) Engine:Ford2.3 lt, 4 cyl. Transmission:Ford,C4


5000 lbs. Draw Bar Pull Engine: Ford, 6 cyl.,gasoline Transmission:automatic Brakes:Disc, rear wheels

Baggage Tug: Harlan HT50

5,000 lbs. Draw Bar Pull Engine Ford, 300CID, 6cylinder, gasoline Ford automatic transmission



Self-propelled;Max30Km/h Engine: Perkins or Deutz diesel 4 Hydraulic stabilizers Platform Height:94”(2.4m)to224”(5.7m) Platform:Width117"(2.98m) X Depth84" Weight capacity: Extended, 13,050lbs(5928kg) Night lighting system included

Passenger Stairs: Wollard TLPH310

Wollard TLPH 310 on a Ford F350 Super Duty XL. Engine: Ford Gas Engine. Automatic Transmission. Hydraulic operated.


Air Start Unit (ASU): TMAC 150

Airflow 150 PPM, V8 Detroit Diesel engine, Atlas-Copco Compressor


Catering Truck: Global Intl. CT22-228/4700 4x2 refrigerated

Mounted on a 2000 Ford F-750. 22-foot Van. Van Lift: Min 52” Max 228”

Bridge: Min 99” Max 228” Load up to 2000 lbs

Catering Truck: Global GBL99288

Chassis: Ford F750. GVW 33,000 lbs. Engine: Cummins 6 cyl Diesel. 190 hp at 2200 RPM. Transmission: Allison Automatic. Power assisted steering. Hydraulic system: Transmission-mounted PTO. Stabilizers: 2 front & 2 rear. Van Body: Aluminum, 269” long by 102” width by 91” height. Air-conditioned. Payload: 8,000 lbs. Forward platform: Low 99”, high 228”. Capacity: 2,000 lbs.

Catering Truck: TESCO NCL80-20

Engine: Ford, turbo diesel. Chassis: Ford F-750. Auto transmission. Lift height: 86” to 180”.


Lavatory Truck: WOLLARD, TLS-770

Ford F350 Truck mounted. 270 Gallon Flush tank, 400-gallon waste tank.

Lavatory Cart

Stainless steel tanks. 170-gallon waste capacity, 100-gallon blue water capacity.


De-icer: FMC SA600 Towable

Trailer mounted, max speed 20 mph. Tank 600 Gallon. Detergent tank 50 gallons. Engine: 4 cylinder 47 hp. Fluid pump: 70 GPM, 125-130 psi, self priming. Fluid heater: Malsbary. Operator platform: 28’

De-icer: Global 2110

Engine: Ford FD-1060 ATA diesel 5.9 L. Auto transmission. Capacity: 1750 gal. type I and 350 gal. type IV. Boom Working Height 47’, rotating cab 340°. Enclosed cab capacity: 450 lbs. Heaters: 4,000,000 BTU/hr. Flow meter for both types of fluids.

De-icer: SDI 2045

Capacity: 2,000 Gal type I, 400 Gal type IV. Boom working height 42’, rotating cab 340°. Enclosed cab capacity: 450 lbs. Flow meter for both fluid types. Heaters: 3x SUPERIOR Instant Heat diesel or Jet A

De-icer: FMC TM1800

Capacity: 1800 gal. 1400 Gal type I and 400-Gal type IV. Rotating telescoping boom with articulating yoke. Height of basket: 42 ft. Max working height is 48 ft. Basket capacity is Max 2 men or 450 lbs. Delivery guns type I and type IV in basket. Ground level Type I delivery, hose and gun. 2 heaters 1,000,000 BTU each.

De-icer: SDI M5000

Mounted on a Ford F350 chassis. Primary engine: Ford V8 Diesel. Rear engine: Isuzu Diesel 4 cyl. Transmission: Ford auto, 3 speed. Fluid capacity: 1000 gal Type II. Boom telescoping 360°. Basket capacity: 300 lbs. Max working height: 35’. Heater: Instant-heat, pre-heat required.


Cargo Loader: Lantis TLC818-144

Engine: Detroit Diesel. 15,000 lbs. lift capacity. Min bridge Height 70” Max Bridge Height 144”

Cargo Loader: FMC Commander 15

Engine: Perkins 4,236 Diesel. Pallet Container Weight Max 15,000 lbs. lift

Cargo Loader: AMCO ACC19  

Engine: Perkins 4.236 Diesel. Hydraulic power packs – Detachable. Pallet container weight max 15,000 lbs. lift. Minimum height 20” from ground. Max height 210”

Cargo Loader: FMC MDL Commander 40

Engine: Detroit Diesel 4-71. Lift and transfer capability: 40,000 lbs. Main Deck Lift: 220” Width capability: 125” Minimum Height: Rear platform 19”

Cargo Loader: FMC JC/PL-2

Engine: Ford, 300 CID, 6 Cyl. Pallet container weight max: 15,000 lbs. lift. Minimum transfer height (rear platform) 19” from ground. Maximum transfer height from platform 140”

Cargo Loader: FMC MDL 60

Engine: Deutz BF6M 1012 Diesel. Lift transfer capacity: 60,000 lbs. Hydraulic system: 5.8 I/s@140 kg/cm3 92gpm@2,200 psi. Main deck lift capacity: 220” Pallet width capacity: 125” Minimum height rear platform: 19”

Cargo Loader: Lantis 755

Engine: Detroit diesel 4-71. Lift and transfer capability: 55,000 lbs. Main deck capability: 220” Minimum height rear platform 19”. Pallet accommodation: 88”x125”, 96”x125”, 20’ long

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